About Us


Some Sisters is a community-based small business retail clothing and accessory marketplace owned by
Zakiyyah Shakir. Our product specialties include collections of seasonal, trendy, classic and modest
attire, uniquely styled handbags, jewelry statement pieces, urban wear and fashion accessories in a wide
range of sizes.

The story of Some Sisters began in 2015 as a family supported venture show casing merchandise at local
music festivals, community events, jazz concerts and private showings. Early on we experienced a
positive reception from our customers and our family also enjoyed the experience. Women loved
looking good; we talked to one another and our youngsters and neighbors were eager to assist when the
crowds grew larger. We became a community, and the business began to grow.

Our reputation of a customer friendly family style approach began to spread. The support of our family
members was amazing. They were showing up at our growing weekly events and lending their time,
catering to our customers and offering much needed critiques. At this time my daughter added Jewelry
to the collection. Her assistance in display design and marketing was immeasurable. Some Sisters was
on the MAP! The business took a life of its own and our task was to keep up. We hired a reliable
gentleman, Shariff Terry, that assumed the backbreaking work of setting up and breaking down each
week; along with the owners’ husband we continued booking venues. We were jokingly called, “Some
Sisters and a Brotha” Some Sisters soon realized that exchanging goods for services was not our only
interest; we knew that by empowering our young people to the dignity of work, we could instill for them
positive tools of esteem, family, and community investment. This became our dual mission to impact
change. Some Sisters became all sisters, whether customer, client or entrepreneur. We were grooming
future leaders and learning our trade in the process.

In the coming years, Some Sisters obtained a weekly residence with the Newark Downtown District,
located at the PS&G Farmers Market Atrium and secured additional space at Military Park; of which both
are high downtown traffic areas. We were elated when we presented at the annual Montclair Jazz
Festival, the Delta’s Annual Luncheon and we joined the New Jersey Performing Arts Summer Concert
Series, all with the family in tow. Some Sisters also traveled to Columbus Ohio and served a crowd of
over 10,000 people at the Urban League National Conference and then on to Washington, D.C. We
obtained residence at the Hampton House in Montclair, New Jersey as a part of the Artisans Pop Up. It
was a very very good year.

There is a saying, “All Good Things Come to an Ending.” And it did. In March 2020, the COVID-19
pandemic hit New Jersey hard, a State of Emergency was declared and businesses had to close. Some
Sisters and many other small businesses shut its doors. As infection rates soared throughout the
country, our business took a back seat. The priority was and is to keep safe and follow recommended

As the numbers continued to surge, Some Sisters lay dormant for over ten months with little hope of a
resurrection. Through the encouragement of family and friends, meetings with our consultant to discuss
the option of creating a website. Once again we were off to the races.

Some Sisters, LLC. is pleased to announce that as of December 2020, our website Somesisters.org has
officially launched its on-line shopping store. This could not have happened without the unwavering
support of our consultant and web designer, Celeste Edwards, our start-up Graphic Artist and
consultant, Allen Sessoms and loyal customers. Zakiyyah wants to add a special thanks to her patient
husband, Adib Shakir; as she turned their small apartment into a photo studio, merchandise storage
area paper trail mound . Family is everything.

Let’s shop!